33-year-old man killed in barrage of gunfire outside bar on Detroit's east side

Christopher Marcilis shot to death outside lounge on Chester Street

DETROIT – Investigators are working to figure out why a 33-year-old man was shot to death in a barrage of gunfire early Wednesday morning outside BOBZ lounge on Detroit's east side. 

Christopher Marcilis' family said he was at the lounge on Chester Street for food. It's not a place he frequented much anymore because he was trying to avoid danger, his cousin said. 

"He hadn't been here in a while, but sometimes he hangs out," said Marcilis' cousin, Squanato Walton. "It's been real dangerous out here, so he don't really hang out here no more. He was up here getting some food."

However, Marcilis was killed about 3 a.m. Wednesday when at least 45 bullets were fired outside the lounge. Evidence markers littered the pavement. 

A witness said he was leaving the lounge and walked around the corner with two other lounge employees when saw the victim engaged in a dispute with men. A gunman ordered them to go back inside the bar, the witness said. Then they heard a barrage of gunfire. It sounded like a shootout. They believe the victim may have had a gun, too.

Marcilis was not married and had no kids. He did have a girlfriend and came from a big family. He was the oldest of four brothers. 

Detroit police investigators are trying to piece together what led to the 33-year-old man's death. Anyone with information on this deadly shooting needs to contact police. 

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