'White Boy' Rick Wershe on possible release: 'I'm not a danger to anybody'

Parole board to vote on Wershe's potential release after nearly 30 years

Prosecutors fought to keep Wershe behind bars.
Prosecutors fought to keep Wershe behind bars.

DETROIT – As "White Boy" Rick Wershe awaits a decision from the parole board, he said he hoped the members understand he's a different man than the one who made so many mistakes as a teenager.

"You hope that six of them have the compassion and understand that mistakes are made as a kid and as a younger man," Wershe said. "I'm not a danger to anybody."

Wershe has spent nearly 30 years behind bars after he was caught May 22, 1987 with 8 kilos of cocaine and a bag of cash. He was pulled over by police and ran into his grandmother's house.

Police said Wershe was carrying two bags, one filled with money, one filled with drugs. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

On June 8, Wershe was granted a parole board hearing for the first time since 2003, when he was denied parole despite helping the FBI arrest several corrupt police officers.

He needs six of the 10 parole board members to vote in his favor.

"You're in limbo, you know," Wershe said. "You're in waiting. Your life is in these 10 people's hands."

Wershe came away from the latest parole board hearing feeling "cautiously optimistic."

"I've done everything I can do, and I don't see what any more time in here would serve," Wershe said. "I've served 29 years and 7 months."

During the hearing, Wershe opened up like never before, admitting to pretty much everything police accused him of doing. But at the same time, he said he has been fully rehabilitated during his long prison stay.

The parole board will announce its decision sometime Friday. Stay with Local 4 News and ClickOnDetroit.com for all the breaking updates.