Burned bodies found in car fire on Detroit's east side

Firefighters make discovery after putting out car fire on Lambert Street

DETROIT – Two bodies burned beyond recognition were found Saturday in a car on Detroit's east side.

Firefighters made the discovery after putting out a car fire.

It happened on Lambert Street near Van Dyke just off I-94.

"I was sitting on my porch," Ryan Jones said. "My little brother came by and said, 'There's something on fire.'"

So Jones went to check out what was burning so close to his house.

"I go back and I see it's a car on fire," Jones said.

He told his wife to call 911 because he didn't want the flames to spread.

"The car got to exploding -- boom, boom, you know, so I jumped back," Jones said.

Soon after the Fire Department put out the fire, Jones noticed more and more Detroit police officers arriving, and that left him puzzled.

"I'm thinking it's just a car fire, but I don't know," Jones said. "They say it's a body over there. I don't know if it's one, two or three. I don't know."

Detroit police said two people were inside the silver Honda Accord when it caught fire. They were burned so badly, detectives couldn't determine the sex of the victims.

"It's mess up right now," Jones said.

It's being treated as suspicious because police are trying to determine if the fire was a cover up for another crime, or if they were alive when the Honda went up in flames.

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