Michigan state board tables proposal to close all medical marijuana dispensaries

Board responsible for overseeing medical marijuana issues in state

DETROIT – A proposal to shut down every marijuana dispensary in the state of Michigan sent the medical marijuana community into a panic Monday night.

The new state board responsible for overseeing medical marijuana brought up a resolution that would close all medical marijuana dispensaries by Sept. 5.

After discussion, the group tabled the resolution in order to get an opinion from other state agencies.

The new board is responsible for creating new regulations to reign in the state's proliferation of pot shops, but do not think it has the authority to shut them all down and start fresh.

"The licensing board is there to license new commercial facilities," attorney Jeff Schroeder said. "They are not there as a law enforcement agency."

Schroeder said it would take a massive law enforcement operation to shut down all the dispensaries, and he doesn't see it happening.

Medical marijuana approved in 2008

Michigan voters approved medical marijuana in 2008, but that law did not plan for all the dispensaries that have popped up all over the state.

Eight Mile Road is a sea of green neon signs. In some cases, multiple dispensaries can be found in a two-block area.

"It's absolutely crazy," said resident Rhonda Kindle-McGrigor. "They should not be concentrated like that."

Kindle-McGrigor is not in favor of shutting everything down, but she is in favor of better regulations preventing a glut of dispensaries.

The state board meets again in September and is expected to vote on the measure.

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