Man arrested after caught lurking, peering into Clinton Township homes, police say

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Clinton Township police announced Sunday evening that they arrested a man who was caught lurking around a neighborhood and peering into homes.

Families with young children were at home when the man was walking up to the windows of their homes and watching them.

Three homes in a Clinton Township neighborhood near 16 Mile and Kelly roads recorded the man around 8 p.m. Saturday.

Motion-activated lights and fences were apparently not enough to deter the man.

One family said the man walked up the patio steps of its home and went up to a window where a man and his 11-month-old were in the living room.

When David Phillips walked out of his house Saturday evening for a brief moment, the man walked in.

"(I was only) out for four to five minutes (when) I saw someone walk out our sliding glass doors," Phillips said.

Phillips followed the man.

"I walked into the laundry room, got a flashlight and he was gone. As I walked out I was calling 911," Phillips said.

Phillips' home wasn’t the only one that was targeted.

Three families in the quiet cul-de-sac in Clinton Township recorded the man walking up to their homes.

Several high-resolution home security cameras recorded the man casing various properties.

Neighbors said for a few weeks now they believe the same man has been trying to open car doors and was recorded walking between homes.

"We have cameras and lights and it still happened," Phillips said.

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