2 Wayne County residents win $1 million off Michigan Lottery scratch-off game


LANSING, Mich. – Two Wayne County residents visited Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing to confirm that they had won $1 million on a Triple Millions scratch-off ticket.

Together they had formed the "Rags to Riches Lottery Club," where they would buy tickets together and split the winnings between the two.

The two players, who chose to remain anonymous, purchased the ticket at One Stop Liquor, located at 33439 Ford Road in Garden City. 

"I started scratching the ticket and immediately saw the 'Cash' symbol, so I know I'd won" said one of the winners "I finished scratching the numbers off on the ticket and then I scratched the prize area off. It was so unreal to see the '1MIL' symbol.

The players chose to receive their prize as one-time lump sum payment of about $634,000 rather than an annuity. Each player received $317,000 before income tax withholdings and are considering a trip to Las Vegas to further test their winning streak.

"It's great to know that real people win the lottery. It feels absolutely wonderful."