Superintendent responds to outrage over alleged hazing at Fordson High School in Dearborn

Community wants answers after allegations of hazing

DEARBORN, Mich. – Questions surrounding an alleged hazing incident at Fordson High School remain unanswered as school officials and police continue their investigations.

School officials are staying tight-lipped about the incident, but it's turned into a social media firestorm. A small silent protest was held Friday morning before being broken up by school officials.

The alleged incident has been blowing up the Dearborn community, as residents and students said Fordson High School isn't doing enough to investigate the problem. But the superintendent said they've sent out a number of memos to make sure people are informed.

A series of flyers made their way around the high school Friday, alluding to a cover-up by the school following an alleged disturbing and graphic incident.

"From what I heard, what this kid did on a Monday is ran around the locker room naked and decided, 'Let me be a bully and bully this kid,'" said Mohamed Hachem, a Fordson graduate.

Hachem said he's concerned about his former school.

"Are there other kids out there that got harassed that didn't come out and talk about it?" Hachem asked. "There's a lot of questions."

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko would only confirm there was an incident at the school involving students from the football team.

"The individuals that have been involved in this were immediately removed from the school on Tuesday," Maleyko said.

Maleyko said the rumors about rape are completely false, but the investigation is ongoing. Local 4's Koco McAboy asked if it could be a case of sexual assault.

"I can't comment on the specifics because obviously it's still under investigation," Maleyko said. "What I can say to you is it's a situation that will not be tolerated in Dearborn schools."

Maleyko said that he understands students want answers, but that it's a sensitive case and must be treated as such.

"The students know that we've always allowed them to voice their opinion, and in fact I've always respond to them, as well," Maleyko said. "But what we did say is make sure if you're going to put something out there, it's accurate."

Maleyko said that he wants the community to know the school is taking the incident very seriously, but that there are so many rumors that need to stop because they're getting out of control.

He said people are saying there's a video, but that's false. He said many graphic details that have been rumored are also false.

Police are also investigating the case.

The pep rally before Friday's football game was canceled, but the game is still on for 7 p.m. Maleyko said he believes there will be students protesting at the game.

You can watch Koco McAboy's full story in the video posted above.

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