Ferndale mother jailed for refusing to vaccinate son begins new fight to stop vaccines

Rebecca Bredow lost primary custody of son after refusing to vaccinate him

FERNDALE, Mich. – A Ferndale mother spent nearly a week in jail this month after a judge said she refused an order to vaccinate her 9-year-old son.

Now she's hoping to fight another battle in court.

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Rebecca Bredow said two things happened while she was in jail: her son was given two vaccinations and she lost primary custody of him. Now she has a new lawyer and she's fighting to get primary custody back and stop further vaccinations.

Bredow made national headlines after she was given jail time for violating an agreement to have her son vaccinated.

But she said she never agreed to vaccinate her son, and her previous lawyer didn't explain the agreement.

"I didn't give consent," Bredow said. "Obviously I went to jail over this. That's how strongly I feel about vaccines."

Her son was given two vaccinations while she was in jail.

"It was heartbreaking for me," Bredow said. "It's the reality of something that can't be taken back."

She also lost primary custody of her son.

"I've been the primary custodian of my child since he was born in 2008," Bredow said. "He has a sister. He has a home."

Bredow said her son is struggling with the decision, too.

"It's been really hard on him," Bredow said. "He sent a letter home with his sister explaining his stress."

Her lawyer, Clarence Dass, said she's not violating any law.

"The reality is Michigan law opts parents out of vaccinating their children," Dass said. "All you have to do is attend a class in the health department, and Rebecca's done that."

Now Bredow is hoping she can have another day in court to explain herself.

"I believe every parent should have a choice based off their beliefs," Bredow said. "When it comes to vaccinations, I choose not to vaccinate based on 2011. The Supreme Court came out saying vaccinations weren't safe."

A spokesman for the Michigan Supreme Court said that the U.S. Supreme Court never ruled that vaccines aren't safe. Here is the full opinion:

Her son has four more vaccinations to go. Bredow is hoping to have a hearing soon to stop those from happening.

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