Drug raid in Detroit leads to officers from 2 precincts throwing punches at each other

Source says 12th Precinct was in 11th Precinct's territory

DETROIT – A drug raid Thursday night led to a fight between officers from two Detroit police precincts.

According to a source familiar with the investigation, the 11th Precinct obtained a search warrant to raid a home in the 19000 block of Andover Street, near 7 Mile Road.

A crew from the 11th Precinct secured men outside the home. The men turned out to be undercover officers from the 12th Precinct acting as decoys, the source said.

Officers from the 11th Precinct went inside, but before the house could be secured, the crew from the 12th Precinct burst into the house and there was an altercation.

The melee led to punches being thrown, and one officer had to go to the hospital. 

One officer believes that the crew from the 12th Precinct didn't follow proper protocol because it didn't notify everyone of where it would be working, which was three blocks inside the 11th Precinct's territory.

The same police source said the 12th Precinct also did not give proper notification on Tuesday, when it was in the 11th Precinct's territory conducting a prostitution sting that led to a police chase.


Another police source said the injuries from the altercation are minor, and the two precincts have always had a good relationship.


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