Lawsuit claims General Motors' Milford proving grounds contaminated nearby neighborhood

Lawsuit alleges contamination of groundwater in Brighton Township

MILFORD, Mich. – A lawsuit was filed Thursday against General Motors, alleging contamination of groundwater in Brighton Township.

The suit cites sodium chloride contamination resulting from more than 30 years of operation at the Milford Proving Grounds. The suit alleges GM actively concealed and ignored the level of pollutants leaching into groundwater and drinking water sources until 2014.

The contamination allegedly caused damages to vegetation and personal property, and also caused negative health effects such as hypertension and kidney stones.

The amount of salt used at the proving grounds was as much as 7,430 tons in the 1990s, compared with the 13,800 tons used for the whole of Livingston County, according to the suit.

Nearby water sources showed levels of sodium and chloride concentrations far exceeded residential groundwater criteria.

The suit details allegations of fraud, negligence, trespassing, public and private nuisances, and violations of the Michigan Environmental Protection Act.

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