Rep. John Conyers to make decision about future Tuesday

Conyers accused of sexual harassment by former employees

DETROIT – Rep. John Conyers is just hours away from announcing his future political plans following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Conyers will make an announcement Tuesday morning that could send shock waves through Washington. The long-time congressman will decide on his political future amid the allegations.

Sources told Local 4 last week that Conyers will not seek re-election for a new term in the wake of the scandal. 

According to the New York Times, Conyers is expected to announce his great nephew, State Senator Ian Conyers, will run for his seat once he retires.

His attorney said they've thoroughly thought out the decision. 

"At first I thought we would write down the pros and cons," attorney Arnold Reed said. "That worked for about five minutes."

Over three days and three notepads later, Conyers and Reed have weighed all the options on the table.

"He took himself out as the congressman, and was an ordinary man, thinking, 'What would ordinary people want from him?'" Reed said.

Reed said Conyers is most concerned about the impact on his family and his ability to serve constituents while facing sexual harassment allegations.

"We had to take this slow because of his health, and I didn't want to tire him out," Reed said.

Laid up in a hospital bed due to a stress-related illness Conyers considered his health issues, legacy and what he feels is a lack of due process, Reed said.

Charles Manson, Richard Speck got due process," Reed said. "Nixon. But you can't give due process to Congressman Conyers."

Supporters held a rally in Detroit Monday while prominent Democrats in Washington urged Conyers to resign.

Reed said Conyers feels betrayed.

After days of silence, Conyers is expected to make a major political announcement at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.

"After he speaks to America, you can say, 'I knew that was what Conyers was going to say because that's John Conyers,'" Reed said.

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