Mysterious Amazon deliveries showing up at Chesterfield Township man's home

Packages correctly addressed to Terry Miller

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man living in Chesterfield Township is experiencing a strange twist this holiday season as Amazon packages that he never ordered keep showing up at his doorstep.

The situation even has police stumped.

"We started receiving boxes from Amazon, and I've made several calls and I can't seem to get them to stop," Terry Miller said.

Someone is ordering items from the online retailer, and they're addressed to Miller with his correct name, address and cellphone number. But he said he's never ordered a thing.

"I opened it up to see what was it in, and it was just accessories for cellphones," Miller said. "I got an antenna for a computer and a clothing bag."

When the boxes kept coming for four to five weeks, always addressed to him, Miller became concerned and called Amazon. His account wasn't being charged, and he said he was told to keep the items, despite the mix-up.

He wasn't given much information about the sender. It was a name he'd never heard of, so he called police.

"I opened up the packages and stuff to make sure it wasn't anything illegal in there," Miller said. "He (the police officer) said, 'You're in the clear if anything should come up with this.'"

None of the items have been anything Miller wants, except for wireless earphones, but they were pink, Miller said.

Miller has either given away or thrown away the packages that have shown up at his front door. The most recent package arrived two days ago, and it contained a Samsung Galaxy cleaning cloth. He said the items will be thrown in the trash or regifted for the holidays.

"Quit sending them," Miller said, laughing. "I don't want the stuff."

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