Unclaimed cremains found in abandoned Michigan funeral home

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SAGINAW – The cremated remains of several people were left behind at a now abandoned funeral home in Michigan.

Local officials are hoping to get them back to their loved ones. The funeral home, Elsie Black Funeral Home in Saginaw, closed nearly 10 years ago after the owner passed away, WNEM reports.

The remains were discovered when city officials went inside to survey the building for demolition. 

Some of the cremains date back to the 1980s. Two of the 13 has been returned to their family.

Here's a list of the 11 unclaimed remains:

  • Doris D. Gill, died Oct. 7, 2006.
  • James McCornell, died March 4, 1994
  • Ternlxa Alexandria Phlegm, died Feb. 11, 1988
  • Jacquline C. Jones, died June 13, 1999
  • C.J. Smith, no info on death
  • Sallie Helford, no info on death
  • Melvin Bass, no information on death, cremated March 14, 1995
  • Cornelious Henderson, died Dec. 14, 1999.
  • Edward McClendon, died July 30, 2006.
  • Floree Tate, died May 21, 2006.
  • No identity, died Dec. 10, 1983

If you believe the ashes may belong to a loved one, contact the Saginaw County Sheriff's Office. 

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