Woman sues Southgate Tim Horton's after suffering burns over hot tea in defective cup

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A lawsuit was filed Friday against Tim Horton’s after a woman suffered burns over a hot tea in a defective cup.

The incident happened Oct. 7, 2017, at the restaurant on Fort Street in Southgate.

According to the suit, Lynn Lacey was the passenger in Anthony Caruso’s vehicle and they went through the drive-thru and ordered hot drinks. Caruso ordered a coffee. Lacey ordered an extra-large tea.

The suit alleges the tea’s cup had a portion of its upper rim “mashed down” making it a defective cup. The suit also alleges that the cup was visibly defective.

As the cup was passed to Lacey, the “lid popped off and fell to the floor pouring hot tea out from the cup onto the front of plaintiff’s body,” according to the suit.

Lacey suffered first and second-degree burns to her left thigh, lower abdomen and left thumb.