Michigan meteor: American Meteor Society releases map of validated meteorite finds


It's been nearly a month since a meteor flew over the Great Lakes region, lighting up the sky and blowing up your social media feed.

The meteor also caused a big boom when it exploded that many people heard and some people even felt.

Since then, expert explorers - and amateur ones, too - have found meteorite around Southeast Michigan. The search started the day after the meteor on January 17, with teams from around the country visiting the area looking for meteorite.

Meteorite can be a very valuable commodity. The American Meteor Society released a map on Monday, showing 11 meteorite finds they've been able to validate as authentic.

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Most of them are in the Hamburg Township area, with a majority being found on Bass Lake and Strawberry Lake.

Michigan meteor: How valuable are meteorites?

AMS says it received nearly 700 reports about the meteor. Check the map below or here.

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