Reunite the Fight organization aims to reunite veterans in Michigan with those they served with

Marine Scott Gatto started organization

WARREN, Mich. – Scott Gatto is a Marine who fought in one of the toughest urban combat battles in U.S. military history.

When he returned from battle to Warren, he noticed that it was hard for veterans to get jobs and it was tough on veterans not being with the men and women they served and fought with.

From there, Reunite the Fight was born.

Through a lot of hard work, Gatto and his team are working to reunite veterans with other veterans.

The results have been life-changing. From an injured veteran sitting alone at home to suddenly finding himself with fellow veterans on a fishing trip that quickly ignited the veterans’ passion for life, the program brings new life to those who served.

The problem is, there are so many veterans that need this type of fellowship and help. That’s where Reunite the Fight comes in.

Gatto is raising money to help more vets.

An upcoming golf outing June 2 at Rattle Run Golf Course in China Township will raise funds to assist the group's mission. Every dollar raised at the outing and other events goes right to reuniting veterans with other vets.

“Our goal is to maintain the spirit that drives every veteran and reinvigorate a purpose within our communities by consolidating our various skill sets, while reuniting those bonds that were forged through struggle and adversity," Gatto said.

What does a veteran miss most? Camaraderie. That’s why Reunite the Fight is here to restore that feeling to our returning vets.

You can get in touch with Gatto at

About the Authors:

Shawn Ley is an Emmy-Award winning reporter. In more than 20 years covering stories in television news, Shawn’s reporting has taken him from war-torn eastern Europe, to reporting from an F-16 fighter jet and now to the fast and furious breaking news of Detroit.