Neighbors witness abused dog thrown from car on Detroit's west side

Rescue crews say dog has long road to recovery

DETROIT – A dog is recovering after neighbors said they saw someone threw him from a car. Rescue crews from "Make A Difference" said the dog has a long road to recovery.

“It had sores all over his body," Frederick Campbell said. "It was in real bad shape. It had lost a lot weight."

That was Campbell’s first impression of the dog, which rescue crews are calling "John Doe."

Campbell said he was sitting outside with his fiance, when they saw someone dump the dog.

"Somebody came in a gray car, and they went in the trunk and pulled the dog out of the trunk and threw it out,” Campbell said.

He said they couldn't believe what had happened and their first reaction was to help.

"We both gave him some water, and then the dog ran up under my van and he wouldn't come from up under there," Campbell said. "The dog stayed under there for about an hour."

Rescue crews said the dog was underweight and had a fever at the scene. He’s moving again, but his scars are still visible. It’s a reminder he has a long road to recovery.

“I was, like, 'Why wouldn't they just take it to the Humane Society?'" Campbell said. "Why would they just take the dog and just dump it outside?"

Campbell said the car was a gray or silver Chevy Impala.

Anyone with information is asked to call animal control.

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