Residents wake to fire at Regency Club Apartments in Warren; 8 units destroyed

No injuries reported after apartments catch fire

WARREN, Mich. – Residents at the Regency Club Apartments were awakened Wednesday morning when a fired ripped through part of the complex in Warren. 

Firefighters battled the flames and are trying to figure out what caused this fire at the complex on Regency Club Drive near Hayes and 11 Mile roads. Overall, eight units were destroyed by the fire. The roof was burned off four of the units on the top floor. Remarkably, no injuries were reported as everyone made it out to safety.

The fire broke out about 4 a.m. Wednesday when most residents were still sleeping. Some residents had to be rescued off of a porch.

The fire battalion chief said a firewall worked well to stop the flames from spreading to more units. He did say the wind helped spread the fire into the building's attic. 

"I can't believe how fast that spread," said resident Daniel Baker. "It started in one area, it looked like, and then next thing you know the whole place is on fire."

Neighbors did everything they could to make sure everyone got out safely. 

"I went downstairs, by that time there was smoke everywhere. The neighbor had called the police, and I went back in just to make sure everyone was out of there. I saw doors open, doors closed and the doors that were closed I started knocking on and making sure people were out of there," said Robert Mathes, who lives at the complex. 

Nearby units were forced to evacuate. Firefighters poured hundreds of gallons of water on the building. 

"I lost everything -- my journeyman's card, my license, my debit card, my phone, iPads, two guitars. But you know that's not the most important part. The important part is that we are breathing," said Mathes. 

The majority of animals in the apartments were saved, too. 

Firefighters believe this fire started on the second floor, but they're still working on a cause. 

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