Michigan man to armed robber: ‘You're not getting my Louis Vuitton'

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Michigan man refused to give up his Louis Vuitton bag to a robber, despite firing three shots from a handgun.

The attempted robbery happened around 5 p.m. last Monday in Holland Township. WOODTV reports the would-be robber pulled a gun on Jerad Kluting, demanding his bag and firing three warning shots.

The 21-year-old suspect who has not been identified was arrested and is in custody.

Kluting told WOODTV he wasn't about to just give up his belongings.

"It happened very fast. In one motion he took the gun out of his waist belt and with the other hand put up a bandana over his mouth and pointed, was like, ‘Give me your bag,'” Kluting explained to WOODTV. "I was like, ‘You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton.' I worked very hard for this and this bag I’ve had forever and it means a lot to me. I wasn’t about ready to relinquish it to some thug that was going to demand it from me.”

"I paid $1,700 for it or thereabouts. … I love Louis Vuitton and I saw this bag long before I could buy it and I saved up my money to buy it,” Kluting said. "It means a lot to me. … It represents me. I wasn’t about to relinquish my personal property.”

Kluting said the situation was very scary, but is proud to still have his bag. 

"I got my bag,” Kluting said. "He can pry it out of my cold dead hands."

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