Carjackers targeting drivers in Detroit, Highland Park gas stations

Police looking for man seen on camera, believed to be involved

DETROIT – Detroit police believe the same men are responsible for three carjackings and attempted carjackings within 45 minutes across Detroit and Highland Park.

All three happened at gas stations. Two of the gas stations are equipped with Green Light cameras.

A string of carjackings in Detroit earlier this week has police on high alert. They're looking for a man seen on camera and believed to be involved.

"We had three incidents that happened within about a 45-minute period," said Sgt. Robert Wellman, with the Detroit Police Department.

Surveillance video shows the first carjacking from Wednesday night. It happened around 11:45 p.m. at a BP gas station on West Eight Mile Road.

A man appeared to be working on his Charger when a Tahoe pulled up and another man with a gun approached.

"Obviously, you can see he had a weapon, that had some type of flashlight attached to it," Wellman said.

The driver and a woman walked away with a baby.

Then, 20 minutes later, another carjacking happened in Highland Park. The suspects took a blue Charger that time.

The blue Charger showed up to a third gas station on West Seven Mile Road and pulled up next to a Challenger.

"You can see a barrel of a long gun, we're assuming some type of assault rifle that was pointed out the window," Wellman said.

The suspect pointed the gun at the driver of the Challenger. The driver took off running, and the suspect didn't end up taking his car.

After the third incident, the crime spree ended for the night.

"No rhyme or reason why they did three that particular night, and haven't done any subsequently," Wellman said.

Police now need the public's help tracking down the man in the video and anyone else who may be involved.

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