Search on for driver after man riding motorized bike killed on Detroit's west side

Man was hit by car after rear-ending truck at West Davison, Oakman Boulevard

DETROIT – A man riding a motorized bike was killed after rear-ending a truck on Detroit's west side. The man was then hit by a car and police are looking for that driver.

The crash happened at West Davison and Oakman Boulevard.

Neighbors who saw the man riding the motorized bike said it could reach up to 30 mph. Witnesses said the rider looked like he tried applying the brakes, but the bike didn't stop, and neither did a driver who hit the man.

Retired Detroit police officer Jeffrey Bradley has seen a lot over the years.

"Well, he looked like he was in really, really badly shape," Bradley said.

Bradley was at home Saturday afternoon when he heard something unusual.

"You know the sound when one of those double tandem trailers put on their brakes? We heard that." Bradley said.

The 75-year-old lives half a block from West Davison and Oakman Boulevard. He went out to investigate and spotted the truck immediately.

"Finally, I noticed there was a guy out on the street. His shoe was out in the street. He got hit twice," Bradley said.

Witnesses said the man was riding a motorized bike and rear-ended the truck.

"I saw the crushed bike. I saw him on the ground, I saw them trying to give him life support, help him, try to pump his chest," Bradley said.

Detroit police said after rear-ending the truck the cyclist was hit by another car, and that driver took off.

"Anybody that get run over like that riding their bike. I feel really bad for them," Bradley said.

Bradley said he often saw the man riding his motorized bike around the neighborhood.

"This was an older guy. He rode every day. It's just somebody you see, 'cause that bike makes that noise," Bradley said.

Bradley said the lights are an issue and that traffic is always backed up, and said this isn't the first fatal crash at the intersection.

"State police had a person, he got killed right in that intersection. And then last year a guy was making a left turn. He got killed right in that intersection," Bradley said. "Somebody needs to come out here and check this light."

Police have not yet released the name of the victim.

The vehicle being sought will have front-end damage. Anyone with information is asked to call the Detroit Police Department.

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