Michigan students respond to plan to stop encouraging race as factor in school admissions

Several local students say they support affirmative action

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DETROIT – Local students are reacting after the White House announced plans to rescind a policy that encourages schools to use race as a factor in college admissions.

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The purpose was to promote diversity in schools. 

Tuesday, the Trump Administration administration announced it will attempt to get rid of the grading curve when it comes to college admission by changing a policy enforced by President Barack Obama that supports looking at race during college admissions. 

Yanis Achou, who is from Africa, is  studying at Wayne State University. He agrees with the current affirmative action policy.

“I feel like we should allow more minorities to go to college,” Achou said. 

Several students said they believe more diversity on college campuses is a good thing.

“I have friends that didn't meet the initial qualifications and because of the affirmative action, they were able to go to college,” said Krystina Pitre, a junior at Northwestern State University. 

This call for change comes after claims that Harvard University is illegally holding Asian-American students to a higher standard in the admissions process, but many students agree that things should stay the way they are.

“Just because you have the exact same marks, doesn't mean that that person has had the amount of chances as others,” said Ibrahim Barry, a student at Wayne State University.

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