Line cutting sparks brawl inside Hot Taco restaurant in Detroit

General manager speaks after customers threaten to boycott restaurant

DETROIT – A brawl broke out inside the Hot Taco restaurant in Downtown Detroit after someone cut in line this weekend, according to authorities.

The fight was caught on camera and has a lot of people talking. The video is going viral on social media. It was recorded inside the restaurant and shows a fight between two customers.

The general manager told Local 4 that a man in a burgundy-colored shirt walked inside Hot Taco and went straight to the front of the line.

The manager said both the employees and customers told the man he was cutting in line, but he didn't move.

One customer got upset and confronted the man, and that’s when the fight broke out. The manager also said employees aren't allowed to interfere in physical altercations, so security was called to the restaurant.

People said they're upset because the restaurant still allowed the man who cut in line to order his food first, and they’re threatening to boycott Hot Taco. But the manager told Local 4 that’s not true, and that the security officers forced the customers involved in the fight to leave.