Centerline tattoo shop owner helps man get new wheelchair; days later it's stolen

Knight filed police report

CENTERLINE, Mich. – A tattoo shop owner is being called a "good Samaritan" after he helped a man get a new wheelchair.

Just days later, however, the story took an unfortunate turn.

John Motyka, owner of Elite Ink Tattoo Studio in Centerline, believes that actions speak louder than words.

“I haven’t even told anybody about this, I just did it because, it just felt like the right thing to do,” said Motyka. “If you see somebody out there struggling, do what you can to help them."

Motyka noticed David Knight riding around his tattoo studio in a wheelchair that was missing good wheels.

“He was clearly struggling, because it was grinding against the sidewalk. I said to myself, listen, I see clearly, your wheels are destroyed and you need new wheels,” said Motyka. 

Motyka said he called in a favor to his good friend, Centerline's mayor, Bob Binson.

“I asked him, I said Bob, do you have any used vehicles around that are being parted out where we can help this gentleman? One thing led to another and the very next day, I seen him doing about 15 miles an hour on Van Dyke with a new scooter. Dave came in and he thanked me and he was in tears, he was so happy,” said Motyka. 

Knight stopped by the tattoo shop Sunday to thank Motyka one more time.

“I was ecstatic, man, I was just so overjoyed. Everything was beautiful. I couldn't believe it that people were that good,” said Knight. 

That's where the story takes an unfortunate turn. Just days after Knight received his new wheelchair, someone stole it from outside his home.

“Somebody was either driving by or riding a bike or walking by and saw it sitting there. They unplugged it from the extension cord and left,” said Knight. 

Just like that, his new wheelchair was gone, and he had to resort to using the old one.

Knight filed a police report, but so far he has not received any answers.

“Nobody knows anything, nobody said anything. Why, why would you do something like that?" said Knight. 

But overall, Knight is still in good spirits. He said at least he knows there are some good people around, and Motyka is one of them.

If you have any information, call police.

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