Massive 100-foot-long fatberg clogs sewer system in Macomb County

Macomb County officials say fatberg causes chaos in sewer system


MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A massive 100-foot-long fatberg is clogging up the Macomb County sewer system.

The ball of grease and other substances is nearly 6 feet tall, according to officials. The Macomb County Public Works Department sent out a photo as a warning, saying fatbergs can cause chaos in the sewer system.

"A fatberg is the accumulation of grease and any foreign objects beside just sewage that collects inside a city main line," plumber Jeremy Matt said.

Officials said the fatberg is about 100 feet long, 11 feet wide and 6 feet tall. The grease, fats and oils combine with objects such as baby wipes to create a nasty clog.

"That's what backs up into manholes and into people's basements," Matt said.

Matt, who works at Roto-Rooter, has plenty of plumbing equipment, but even his heavy-duty tools can't fix a fatberg.

"This will do hardly anything with grease," Matt said. "This is how bad the grease issue would be. They have to do excavations and what we call hydrojetting just to resolve an issue like this. It's an army of people that's on a project like this."

He said the cost is into the millions for a repair of this size.

Macomb County officials hope exposing the fatberg will make residents more conscious about what does down their drains.

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