Car racing down Dearborn street hits boulder, launches over house

Officials say speeding car lands in backyard


DEARBORN, Mich. – A car racing down a Dearborn street flew over a house and landed in a backyard after hitting a boulder, officials said.

Resident Noreen Kirschner said the incident happened just after midnight Sunday at the corner of South Gulley Road and Avondale Street.

She said she was sitting on the couch when she heard three big booms, looked out the back window and saw fire in the trees.

Police said two cars were racing when one of them hit the boulder and went flying over the house.

The driver wasn't in the car when it landed and burst into flames because he jumped out when it was in the air, according to authorities.

Police said he suffered a broken ankle and is expected to be OK.

Kirschner said she's lucky to be OK. She stays at the home every night to take care of her elderly mother. She said she sleeps on the couch in the front room.

Kirschner's father put the boulders in place after a car hit the front porch 40 years ago.

Kirschner said this type of crash has happened six times.

Dearborn police said the driver of the car was given a ticket for reckless driving.

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