Saving Our Sisters in the D

There's a very special program here in the D, that's helping women rebuild hope, faith and confidence in themselves. Reverend Vee Lonnie Peek Jr. joined us on behalf of our friends at the Wayne County Community College District to tell us more about how Saving  Our Sisters is making a difference in our community. 

Regina Coleman, who was abused and neglected as a young child, was talking to a pastor one day and they came to the realization that other women have also gone through similar pain. So they brought them all together and created a group called Saving Our Sisters. The organization allows women to unload the pain they have been carrying with them throughout their lives as well as connect with other women.

If you want to get connected with this program or support it, you can offer to donate, provide personal hygiene items, volunteer or mentor women by calling (855) 8-HEALED.

If you know of a person or organization making a difference in our community you can email Reverend Peek at VLonniePeek@Gmail.com.