6-year-old boy invites his rabbi to his West Bloomfield school, rabbi saves him from choking

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. – Solomon Kaplan is a 6-year-old boy who has a close friendship with his rabbi, Josh Bennett. 

They are so close that Solomon chose Bennett to be a special guest at his school in West Bloomfield.

"You get to invite someone to have lunch with you," Solomon said.

Solomon was so excited to see his rabbi at lunch, he forgot what his mom always tells him not to do -- talk while eating.

That's when Solomon needed Bennett.

"I was talking and I choked," Solomon said.

Bennett wrapped his hands around Solomon and gave two pulls, clearing the blockage.

"He saved my life," Solomon said.

Solomon expressed his appreciation through countless hugs and special words for his special guest.

"I love you, Rabbi Josh," Solomon said.

"Anytime someone asks you, take a lunch invitation," Bennett said. "You never know what will happen.

When it comes to who will be on Solomon's guest list for next year -- it's a no-brainer.