Deer gets loose inside Novi Best Buy

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NOVI, Mich. – The Best Buy on 8 Mile and Haggerty roads in Novi got a surprise visitor Wednesday night when a six-point buck managed to follow a customer into the store.

"It was wild," said team leader Erin Ellison.

Ellison  just happened to be near the front door at the time. She said she didn't realize what it was at first.

She and the others in Best Buy quickly determined there was a deer running freely through the aisles. Customers hid.

"We put some customers in our break room back there," Ellison said. "There was a lot screaming in havoc."

The deer ran through the aisles, knocking over items, until it ended up in the back of the store.

"We turned the fridges and used boxes and kind of gave him this aisle so he wouldn't make it back into the store," Ellison said.

The deer couldn't stand or move on the slippery tile, so it eventually sat down. That's when employees moved in and ushered the deer toward the back door.

"Once on the carpet, he could stand again and he went right out," Ellison said.

There were no injuries to the deer or people.