Prosecutors believe Detroit woman's testimony in carjacking case led to retaliatory shooting

Starkisha Thompson found fatally shot in driveway

DETROIT – Two men were in court Monday in connection with the death of a Detroit woman who prosecutors believe was murdered because of her testimony in another case.

Starkisha Thompson, 32, was shot and killed Oct. 9 in her own driveway on Detroit's east side, according to police.

Thompson's family members said she was targeted because she testified in a carjacking case, and that's exactly what prosecutors said Monday in court.

"She was my firstborn," her father, Curtis Thompson, said.

Curtis Thompson said he had a painfully difficult time with his daughter's death. He said she was the victim of a carjacking and had just testified in court.

"She didn't want to testify," he said. "They carjacked her with a gun."

Now the three people charged with the carjacking are facing serious charges, including premeditated murder.

Kenneth Dixon, 26, and Corey Holmes, 39, were in front of a judge Monday morning. Jah-Lana Streeter, 23, was charged last week.

The prosecutor said Monday that Holmes was the one who shot Starkisha Thompson in her body and her head.

All three people are charged with first-degree murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, committing a crime during witness intimidation and retaliating against a witness.

The first-degree murder charge carries an automatic life sentence. Officials said there are also habitual offender considerations at play.

Streeter was arraigned Friday in 36th District Court. Her preliminary examination is scheduled for Nov. 5.

Dixon and Holmes were arraigned Monday in 36th District Court. Probable cause conferences are scheduled for Nov. 5, and preliminary examinations are scheduled for Nov. 12.

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