Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan slams 'angry litigant' who had private investigator follow him

Man hires private investigator to follow mayor

DETROIT – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is blasting a man who hired a private investigator to tail him.

Robert Carmack distributed a video to newsrooms around Metro Detroit and hired a mobile video board to run the video outside City Hall Wednesday night.

Carmack claims the video puts Duggan's character in question. He paid nearly $20,000 for the surveillance and wants everybody to see it.

The private investigator tailed Duggan and has video of the mayor making frequent stops at an address in Wixom after 7 p.m. and without his protection details in tow. The home in Wixom belongs to a woman.

There's no independent verification of the video.

Carmack is a businessman involved in contentious lawsuits with the city of Detroit, all stemming from the city evicting him from his collision shop in Southwest Detroit.

In addition, Carmack blames Duggan for the demolition of a property he said he owned on Michigan Avenue. He's trying to get Duggan and several staff members to sit for depositions and believes by taking the video and playing it on a mobile screen, it forces them to the table.

Carmack is no stranger to surveillance. He said he wore a wire for the FBI in order to help federal officials net Gabe Leland.

Duggan and his wife, Lori Maher, sent out a scathing response to the video. You can read the full letter below.

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