Detroit police raid uncovers a dozen stolen cars

Engines believed to have been stolen from auto plant


DETROIT – A police raid located a dozen stolen cars and engines that are believed to have been stolen from an auto plant.

Police said a house on Rutland Street served as a chop shop.

“We recovered approximately 10 vehicles, three engines and a host of various auto parts,” said Detroit police Sgt. Otha Craig.

Those were just some of the things police recovered from the home on Rutland Street on Monday. Craig said a neighbor saw one of the suspected thieves push a new car into his backyard.

That neighbor called 911 and police responded. That's when they found the vehicles.

“Two of the engines were brand new, meaning they were fresh from the auto plant. It had not been reported stolen. That’s called not being born yet. The engines were removed from vehicles that were stolen from the plant,” said Craig.

Another neighbor, Lisa, said she's frustrated. "This is like the fourth, I’m going to say maybe the fifth time that they had some type of raid. They get raided, they go away for maybe a year, sometimes just a few months, depending and they’re back. This time it was the biggest we ever seen."

“This gentleman here, he’s been under investigation. He was actually charged and convicted with chop shop in the past,” said Craig. 

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