Detroit City Council votes in favor of placing additional tax on ammunition

Resolution requires mental health background on purchaser

DETROIT – The Detroit City Council has voted in favor of placing an additional tax on bullets.

“This is the city of Detroit, we continue to beat Los Angeles every year with the number of homicides, in senseless gun violence,” said Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis.

Davis calls his resolution "the bullet bill." The resolution requires a mental health background on purchasers of ammunition in Wayne County, and also limits the purchase of bullets in the county. It also puts a tax on the sales of bullets.

“It has to stop somewhere and I feel this is a means to an end and that’s what this whole bullet bill agenda is all about," Davis said, adding that he knows all too well about gun violence.

“I lost two brothers, one uncle, first cousin -- all as a result of senseless gun violence. It’s just too much, I’m just really sick and tired of turning on the TV every day and watching you guys report, 'Hey this guy just shot another young man,'” he said.

The next step: The Wayne County Commissioners will vote on the resolution in a full meeting Nov. 29.

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