Couple fights off suspected bank robber during attempted carjacking at Wayne State University

DETROIT – A man suspected in two Madison Heights bank robberies was taken into custody after allegedly attempting to carjack a man at Wayne State University.

ORIGINAL STORY: Madison Heights bank robbery suspect arrested after attempted carjacking at Wayne State University

Police said he was arrested Thursday after he tried to carjack Robert Kujawa in Midtown Detroit. 

"I'm not going to pretend to be tough," Kujawa said. "I was mortally terrified."

Kujawa and his fiancee were getting ready to leave their apartment near Wayne State University when it happened.

"I saw a gentleman start to approach my car," Kujawa said. "He ripped the door open and that's when he tried to physically remove me from the car."

Kujawa said he got into a wrestling match with the man, who attempted to drive the car with him inside it, threatening Kujawa with violence.

"First he punched me in the face and I was wrestling with him more. He kicked me in the face and tried to gouge out my right eye," Kujawa said. "She (Kujawa's fiancee) opened the passenger side door and I threw him out of the car."

Moments later, Wayne State police officers were there to arrest the alleged carjacker, not knowing he was a bank robbery suspect.

Days after the bank robberies, Warren warren police spotted him, and he took off, prompting a police chase all the way to Wayne State. The suspect crashed his vehicle near the intersection of Warren Avenue and Anthony Wayne Drive and took off on foot.

"He kept saying, 'I need your car, I'm taking your car,'" Kujawa said. "He tried to tell me he was doing something nice for his kids."

The bank robbery suspect is expected to be arraigned next week.

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