Utica police ask residents to contact them if missing packages

Officials say several packages found at woman's home

UTICA, Mich. – There's been an interesting breakthrough in the search for a package thief in Sterling Heights.

Police officers from Utica thought there was something familiar about the person they saw in some surveillance video and now the two cities are sharing information.

ORIGINAL STORY: Serial package thief arrested in Utica after targeting people in her own neighborhood, police say

A woman was caught in the act of stealing packages from her neighbors, and with the help of a resident, a Utica police officer tracked her and her minivan down with the stolen goods still inside.

In a surprising turn of events, the Sterling Heights Police Department posted a video of a woman following a FedEx truck and stealing a package from a front porch. 

Investigators asked if anyone recognized the woman and the Utica Police Department answered.

It turns out, she wasn't just hitting her neighbors' houses. 

Police remind residents to be vigilant as holiday shopping ramps up and to make sure someone can be home for that package or have it sent where someone will be.

Anyone who is missing a package is asked to contact the Utica Police Department at 586-731-2345 -- because they might have it.

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