Lawmakers invite Trump to visit closing General Motors plants

GM to cut more than 14,000 jobs

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DETROIT – Several Democratic lawmakers are now calling on President Donald Trump to visit the four automotive plants in the U.S. set to close.

The request comes after General Motors Co. CEO Mary Barra spent two days on Capitol Hill.

The fallout from GM's decision to close four U.S. plants is continuing.

"Obviously everybody's very disturbed about these announcements," Congresswoman Debbie Dingell said. "The impact on working families."

Dingell and her colleagues are asking Trump to visit Michigan and Ohio.

"We want him to come see the impact it's going to have on these communities," she said.

GM's plan will cut more than 14,000 jobs. THe company will also shut down two plants in Metro Detroit.

"I want us to stay at the forefront of transportation and mobility and transforming mobility in the world, so what do I have to do to help make them a success? Plant closings, for me, isn't my definition of success," Dingell said.

Despite pressure from lawmakers, Barra isn't backing down on the company's plan.

"The industry is transforming and it's important for General Motors to make necessary but incredibly difficult changes," Barra said.

Dingell and her colleagues are directly calling on the president to intervene.

"He said he'd make sure that they never closed a plant. Well, OK, how are we gonna work together," Dingell said.

That's the key question moving forward following the thousands of job cuts from General Motors.

Saturday Protest

GM workers plan on protesting the plant closures Saturday afternoon from 2-5 p.m. in downtown Detroit at the Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery located at 33 east Adams Street.  Local 4 will be covering the protest. 

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