Witnesses describe horrific DDOT crash that killed 2 in Detroit Sunday

Victims in their 20s

DETROIT – It has been a deadly weekend on Detroit's streets. Sunday morning, a driver rear-ended a Detroit Department of Transportation bus at Myers and Curtis in front of the Northwest Activities Center of Detroit. 

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Witnesses say the driver was trying to beat the street lights when it happened. The driver hit the DDOT bus really hard.

As a result, a back-seat passenger was thrown out through the front windshield, landing on the hood of the vehicle. Three people were inside the vehicle. The front and back-end passengers both died at the scene.

The male driver, who is 20-25 years old, is in critical condition and fighting for his life at a hospital.  

The front-seat passenger, a man, was 20-25 years old. The back-seat passenger, a woman, was also 20-25 years old. None of the victims have been identified.

"It was 7:30 a.m. this morning. I was in the shower. I heard a big boom. I thought it was a tree that fell in the back," said Raymond Bufford, who heard the crash. 

"It is a sad thing, just really sad," he said. 

The DDOT driver was not hurt. Sources told Local  4, a DDOT passenger suffered a broken leg. 

Neighbors say they see far too many drivers speeding through the intersection of Meyers and Curtis. 

"It could be distracted driving, probably speeding. It is usually right here. Most people, they turn at the intersection and that is not an intersection to turn at," said Charlie Flowers, a crash witness. 

The scene was so bad that a mental health unit was sent to the hospital to meet with first responders upset by what they saw when they got here. 

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