I-75 repairs set for March after extremely cold weekend leads to new potholes in Oakland County

Road conditions forced freeway closure Tuesday

TROY, Mich. – Interstate 75 Northbound in Troy looked more like a parking lot at times instead of a busy freeway Tuesday morning.

That’s because crews had to close down the freeway, only allowing cars to use one lane.

“The weather is really just wreaking havoc on our roadway that is in rough shape,” said Diane Cross, with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Cross said the extreme cold temperatures caused a lot of trouble over the weekend. That cold weather and snow formed potholes.

“I was in the fast lane and I saw a car pulled over to the side so I veered over to give them courtesy and soon as I did that, ba-oom boom,” Joseph Pary said.

Pary was one of many drivers who experienced the jagged road Monday night.

“It’s $160 to get my car out of the impound, uh mind you, it’s $160 more to get the two tires, so now I’m out, like, $500 for a situation that I have no control over,” Pary said.

Local 4 drove the same route Tuesday and saw more drivers on the side of the road. 

“I didn’t even see the pothole. As soon as I hit it, I heard my tire go down and I knew I had to get over to the side of the road,” Anthony Ewell said.

MDOT crews say there are plans to fix north and southbound I-75. The first part of the process will start in March.

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