Detroit police find improperly stored human remains at another funeral home: What we know

Remains found at third funeral home

DETROIT – For the third time in recent months, human remains were found at a Detroit funeral home. 

The ongoing investigation of Detroit funeral homes has been making national headlines since human remains were found at Cantrell Funeral Home on Oct. 8, 2018.

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February 2019 -- Remains found at Howell Funeral Home


According to authorities, after recieiving a tip regarding remains, Detroit police executed a search warrant Wednesday at the abandoned Howell Funeral Home on Dexter Avenue.

Detectives found what appear to be the cremated remains of at least 35 people in the basement.

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"We are reviewing this matter and will open a consumer complaint to begin an investigation," said Jason Moon, with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The Associated Press reports the Howell Funeral Home has been closed for several years.

The investigation is ongoing.

October 2018 -- Remains found at Perry Funeral Home


In October 2018, police removed 63 fetal remains from Perry Funeral Home on Trumbull Avenue.

A lawsuit alleged the funeral home forged death certificates. 

The lawsuit alleges Perry Funeral Home was supposed to facilitate the transfer of the remains, but instead Perry informed the state the remains were buried at a cemetery and allegedly forged the death certificates and billed Medicaid.

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"Heinous conditions and negligent conduct" prompted LARA to suspend the mortuary science licenses of the Perry Funeral Home and its director, Gary Deak, according to a news release from LARA.

August 2018 -- Remains found at Cantrell Funeral Home


State inspectors were tipped off in late August 2018 that improperly stored bodies could be found at Cantrell Funeral Home on Mack Avenue.

In October, about a week before remains were found at Perry Funeral home, investigators found 11 infant bodies in a hidden compartment located in the ceiling of the building. The remains of four more were found in the building's basement.

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The Cantrell Funeral Home was shut down in April for deplorable conditions, authorities said.

LARA's investigation into Cantrell was completed in December. The investigation revealed "deplorable and unsanitary conditions including the improper storage of decomposing bodies of adult and infants," according to the release.

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