Third-grader spots coyote outside Chesterfield Township home's window

Large coyote jumps fence of home

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A third-grader was having a bowl of vanilla ice cream Saturday afternoon when he looked out the kitchen window of his Chesterfield Township home and saw a large coyote. 

It was a sight 8-year-old Blake Cameron said he will never forget. 

VIDEO: Coyote spotted jumping yard fence in Chesterfield Township

“I was just eating in the kitchen and I looked outside and saw something run across my backyard. We were like 'What is that thing?,” said Cameron. 

He yelled for his mother, who picked up her cell phone and started recording.  At first they thought it was a wolf. The family just got two small dogs for Christmas. The dogs were not outside at the time.

The coyote ran into the woods after jumping the home's backyard fence. The area is close to an elementary school. Kids often cross through those woods to get home. 

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