Indiana State trooper shot by 11-year-old son after video games were taken away

Son has history of violence and behavior problems, according to neighbor

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GRANGER, Ind. – An 11-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder after shooting his father due to his video games being taken away.

Indiana State Trooper Matt Makowski was shot by his 11-year-old son February 22. Police officers were called to the home a week before the shooting to perform a welfare check as reported by WSBT.

A neighbor – who did not want to be identified – says she has personally witness the boy hurt children.

"The behavior out of that child has escalated throughout the years. I have personally have had issues with him and my child," she said. "I've seen how he can twist from being happy and playing like a team - a little baseball in the yard to wanting to kill somebody and hit them and knock them to the ground bloody and bruised."

Police found Makowski with a gunshot wound to the pelvic area. He was rushed to the hospital and  taken into surgery. He spent some time in the ICU but has now been moved into his own room in better condition.

After homicide investigators spent 12 hours on the scene, authorities determined that it was his 11-year-old son shot him and the boy was taken into custody.

He told police he was angry that his parents took his video games away and devised a plan because "He was done with all that" and "wanted it to end."

Trooper Makowski told police that his son must have retrieved the firearm from his vehicle parked outside the home. The boy agreed with that statement, saying that he went to his dad's car three different times to look for the firearm.

Court documents say that "the boy went into his parent's bedroom with the gun and decided to wait "about 10 minutes" until his dad rolled over and was facing away from the door so that 'he wouldn't see me shooting him.'"

After the gunshot, Makowski's wife went to look for her son and found the weapon on the floor. She took the gun but saw her son walking up the stairs with a BB Gun and his dad's taser. That's when she locked the door and called police.

Court documents say the boy told officers he wanted a PlayStation, an Xbox and a computer and if he didn't get them, there would be a "part 2."

The boy is now facing charges of attempted murder in juvenile court.

According to investigators, Makowski is steadily improving.

His son appeared in court appeared in court March 5 for an initial hearing. He will be in court again on April 10.