Investigators attempting to determine source of diesel fuel sheen in Macomb County water

Fuel flowing from Red Run to Clinton River

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Diesel fuel is causing a sheen in Macomb County water, but officials don't know the source of the fuel.

The fuel is getting into the Red Run and flowing to the Clinton River. Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller said people noticed the sheen last weekend, but it isn't the first time the issue has occurred. Miller said it has happened multiple times since 2016.

"We've developed a zero tolerance. We're on this stuff. We're not going to let it happen anymore," she said.

The county hopes new absorbent booms will help contain the fuel.

The water is not used as a drinking source, but if the fuel spreads to Lake St. Clair, it can become an issue for both humans and aquatic life.

"We're working with our partners in Oakland County to identify exactly the source of this," Miller said. "If we find someone who's just doing this on purpose, we intend  to prosecute to fullest extent of the law. This can not happen."