Robert Carmack promises more plane banners targeting Detroit mayor during key court hearing

Carmack continues to agitate Mayor Mike Duggan during court case

DETROIT – From mobile billboards to banners flying over the Detroit Tigers' Opening Day, businessman Robert Carmack has been a constant thorn in the side of Mayor Mike Duggan.

Carmack said he has even more up his sleeve.

On Thursday, Carmack is scheduled to be in a Detroit courtroom for a key hearing in his ongoing battle with the city. A specially appointed Eaton County prosecutor will try to prove that Carmack is a crook, but Carmack will be showing up with a piece of paper he claims proves he is innocent.

Carmack said he plans to keep agitating Duggan until the case is dropped, but he wants to end his war on the mayor.

"I hope it isn't going to continue with me," Carmack said. "I'd like to have this beyond me, move on in life. I'm tired of all this, you know.? It's taking a lot away from me, my kids' sports, my kids' homework, my kids -- just enjoying my kids, you know?"

He insists he won't stop coming after Duggan until criminal charges are dropped. Carmack has paid for a mobile video billboard and planes to pull large banners over Downtown Detroit to embarrass Duggan, and accused him of having an extramarital affair.

"I know what I've done and I feel that I did the right things in life, in my heart," Carmack said. "These charges are false charges. I feel that these are brought against me because of what I've done to the mayor."

Thursday's hearing will be held in 36th District Court. Carmack's attorney is asking the judge to throw out all charges that Carmack fraudulently obtained a deed to city property and solid it for $1 million. He will be presenting the deed, which he said is signed by the director of finance and approved by Detroit City Council members.

Robert Carmack's property deed, signed by Detroit officials. (WDIV)

"I don't know how it can be alleged to be a forget document when it's represented by so many different signatures -- those who have the authority to execute such a document," Carmack's attorney, Steve Haney, said.

City officials also billed Carmack for taxes on the property in question, totaling $250,000. Those taxes were paid by Carmack, but his attorney insists the case should be dismissed.

"I don't think I've seen a case like this in 20 years, and that includes being a defense attorney," Haney said.

At a Wednesday press conference, Duggan said he wouldn't answer any questions about the woman with whom Carmack has accused him of having an affair.

Carmack said banners will fly over the courthouse and City Hall during Thursday's hearing.

Here is a statement from the mayor's office:

"The Mayor’s office tells the Defenders the Genessee County Prosecutor made the decision to bring charges against Mr. Carmack and the Detroit Police Department investigates it. The Mayor is not involved in any charging decisions."

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