Brandon Roux: I'll see you on Monday!

Brandon Roux prepares to return to Local 4 News Today


DETROIT – What do you do when your body is fragile and slowly healing, but your mind and spirit are screaming 'Let Me Out?'  It's like being on house arrest or in prison for the sick and injured.

Either way, I'm busting out and heading back to work baby!

For the last five weeks, I've been recovering from microsurgery on my back. My L5 vertebrae was herniated on both the left and right side, and I've had lower back muscle issues for years and years due to healing nerves being choked off in that area.

This was fairly routine microsurgery, and you probably know someone who has had something similar done to them. The acute pain in my back, butt, and legs is gone! Woo-Hoo!  

But there is residual damage that will take more time and physical therapy. I'm excited about starting PT at the end of May or in June. My neurosurgeon told me that whether it's microsurgery or a broken arm, things take about three months on average to properly heal.  If I try to do too much now, I risk re-injuring my disc, sending me back to the misery of pain before my surgery.

Once the lower back/disc is healed, and ready for more work, I will be able to build my core and lower back muscles, work on my hamstrings, and legs. It has been costly because I have gained weight and I'm struggling with how to stop it.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a Type One Diabetic, and weight gain, inactivity etc., is not good. It's not good for anyone but can be more costly for those with T1D. 

Monday, April 29, is the day that all changes. I am so excited to be coming back to work and sharing our mornings together again. I have really enjoyed the relaxation at home with my family while my sleep schedule is all over the map.  

Enough is enough! There is only so much Netflix and NFL Draft content one man can take. I take my role as a meteorologist so seriously, but also know that my fun side can be helpful in getting you out the door with a smile.

On days when weather is not a big factor, I can be a little more playful and balance the serious, breaking news we deliver to you better than anyone in town. It's important to be informed, yet not consumed, by bad news, and with Local 4 News Today, you get it all.

The chemistry between Evrod, Rhonda, Kim, Nick, Jason and myself is VERY REAL. We are a very tight-knit group with our wonderful photographers, directors, producers, and editors. I miss them all, probably more than they miss me. 

Lastly, I want to thank a few people personally. This kind of thing takes a toll on those who have to fill the gaps. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at WDIV Local 4 News for being so understanding and supportive. From my GM and News Director, to the weather geeks who covered for me. 

Paul Gross is one of my favorite people walking this Earth. This man covered for me sacrificing many personal things with grace. He shared all of the WDIV scuttlebutt with me, while giving my progress reports to our co-workers. He reminded you on-air that I was still alive and well, and I love him for all of that.

How about a big, fat THANK YOU to all of our Local 4 News Today viewers. You prayed for me, sent me emails, cards, and well wishes. I could feel your love and the beautiful power of your prayers. God is Great! I'll see you on Monday!