Mr. Ratburn from 'Arthur' is gay and just got married



The animated children's cartoon "Arthur" started its 22nd season Monday with quite the celebration: Mr. Ratburn, the beloved teacher to Arthur and his friends, came out as gay and married the man of his dreams. 

The episode focuses on Mr. Ratburn's surprise wedding, and Arthur and his pals get very nervous when they think they've met the person Mr. Ratburn is about to marry. Her name is Patty (voiced by Jane Lynch) and she's very uptight and a little rude. Of course, the kids don't like her and crack open a plan to stop the wedding at any cost. 

Once Arthur and company arrive at the wedding, they find out Patty is actually Mr. Ratburn's sister and Mr. Ratburn is actually marrying Patrick, who owns a chocolate shop in town. 

The best part of the entire episode is that the kids don't even question Mr. Ratburn's sexuality and instead talk about how happy he looks. They do, however, make fun of his and Patrick's supercool disco dance moves. 

You can watch the full episode, called "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone," here

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