Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd, wife Ashley, on mission to rescue children

Boyds work to rescue at-risk girls in Uganda from sex trafficking

DETROIT – When Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Matt Boyd and his wife, Ashley, started the charity Kingdom Home a year ago, the goal was to rescue at-risk girls in Uganda from sex trafficking and give them a safe place to live.

"Getting to go last year and meet the girls in our first home was really impactful for us, personally, but it also just spurred us on to want to help more children," Ashley Boyd said.

What started with 36 children is now 90.

"Those who didn't have family now do," Matt Boyd said. "They have them in brothers and sisters and house mothers and house fathers, and they're living like children should."

That's why Monday's fundraiser is so important. The Boyds have found the need is growing by the day. They want to buy more land, build more house and save more lives.

"From the get-go we had a vision of being about to build more homes and to help more children, we just didn't expect it to happen this fast," Ashley Boyd said.

They've raised $100,000 with a goal of $250,000 to buy a piece of land that can hold six homes that will each house 30 to 50 children.

"I can't even put into words how much help we've gotten from our teammates," Matt Boyd said. "It's so special."

Several Tigers players have donated to the cause, and every player will be at Top Golf on Monday. The Boyds' efforts are even starting to get national attention.

"It's pretty cool so many people from so many parts of the world have wanted to link arms and help be part of the solution on this issue," Matt Boyd said.

"I think that this issue of sex trafficking can seem daunting and big, but people don't realize anyone can make a difference," Ashley Boyd said.

Monday's event at Top Golf starts at 6 p.m. It's open to the public, but you have to register. You can golf with a player, win some prizes and help raise money for the Boyds' charity.

Click here to register for the event.

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