Metro Detroit Islamic centers increase security during Ramadan

Muslims celebrate month with fasting, reflection, peace

DETROIT – Ramadan is a month of fasting, reflection and peace for Muslims around the world.

Leaders at mosques across Metro Detroit are working to ensure their places of worship are safe for all who enter, especially during this sacred time.

This time is supposed to be a period of prayer and meditation, but with recent terrorist attacks against the Muslim community, Imad Hamad, with the American Human Rights Council, said Islamic centers are taking extra safety precautions.

“At the end of the day, we’re not going to surrender to fear. All the centers have a set of security measures, well-coordinated with the law agencies and police departments,” Hamad said.

Armed security guards were stationed outside the Islamic Center of Detroit as people arrived for prayer Friday. The center wouldn’t go into details about all of the safety measures, but said there is security visible and not so visible.

“No. 1, to make sure that the people feel safe and to pray with clarity and without any fears,” said Sufian Nabhen, with the Islamic Center of Detroit.

“We’re not taking any risks. No one is immune. Hate does not discriminate,” Hamad said.

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