Paul Gross: Sunday shaping up to be dry with some sunshine

Breezy day ahead

The Detroit Grand Prix race track on Belle Isle. (WDIV)
The Detroit Grand Prix race track on Belle Isle. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Welcome to the second half of the weekend. 

Weather-wise, the second half will be very different than the first half.  A cold front is crossing the area early this morning, and will take any lingering showers with it.  

That front is the front edge of a much colder air mass, so you’ll notice a big difference in how the day ahead feels.  

The good news is that it’s shaping up to be a dry day, with some sunshine, and one caveat: some high-resolution models try to stir up a very isolated light shower or spot of drizzle this afternoon.  

If anything does pop up (the incoming air mass is also a very dry one), it shouldn’t be anything that would cause you to cancel any plans, but just be aware that a couple of us may catch a brief mid-to-late afternoon shower.  

It’s also going to be a breezy day with a northwest wind at 10 to 15 mph, which will make highs in the mid 60s (north) to near 70 degrees (south) feel a little cooler…not exactly what we expect the first weekend in June, although it’ll be a very pleasant day for those who don’t like their weather hot, and at least you won’t fry if you’re heading to Belle Isle for today’s signature race of the Grand Prix weekend.

Of course, the best seat in the house is right here on Local 4, your exclusive home for the race!
But if you are going, remember the sunscreen…the sun’s rays are very strong right now, and you’ll burn pretty easily.  Some people think that they are at a much lower risk of a sunburn if the weather isn’t hot, but that line of thinking will get you a sunburn really quick.  

It doesn’t matter if the temperature is 68 degrees or 86 degrees:  the sun’s rays are equal at either temperature and will burn you.  Even if you don’t mind getting a sunburn, the skin cancer you’ll get down the road won’t be worth it.
By the way, temperatures will fall quickly this evening…plan for the 50s by 10 p.m. if you’ll be out and about.
Whatever your plans today, have a great Sunday!

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