Detroit residents react to weekend full of gun violence

DETROIT – It was another violent weekend in Detroit.

Thirteen shootings have happened since Friday, injuring several people. The news has neighbors very concerned.

"It's alarming, because I'm a mom of two boys," said resident Rachael Walker.

Walker does everything in her power to set a good example for her young boys, but it's distressing knowing she lives just a few hundred feet from the area where a person was shot. 

It's one of five shootings that happened Sunday morning alone.  

"I'm just prayerful and really hoping people come to their senses. Violence is not the answer at all, and we just have to come together as a community and find other ways to resolve conflict," said Walker. 

The shootings this weekend were scattered across various neighborhoods in the city.

Last weekend on Memorial Day, there were several more shootings in Detroit, killing three people.  

Residents in Detroit believe it's time for residents to band together to stop the violence.

"Detroit, let's work together, make the city better. I mean, it's coming up. There's investment into the city. People are coming here. Show them that Detroit is great," said Walker. 

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