The price tag on fixing Oakland County's roads? $3 billion

Only 16% of roads rated 'good'

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Roads are crumbling across the state.

In Oakland County, only 16 percent of roads under the county's road commission are considered to be in good condition. Some 62 percent are in poor condition and 23 percent are rated "OK."

"Michigan's been underfunded in roads for decades,"  said Craig Bryson, with the road commission. "We're paying a lot less than most other states, and most other Great Lakes states in particular, to maintain our roads and it shows."

Bryson said in order to make up for that lack of funding, road repairs in Oakland County will cost about $3 billion.

Bryson said the commission is relying on the state Legislature for the money it needs.

"They are our primary funding source. We don't receive any  property taxes. We're not locally funded. We receive the bulk of our money from the state," he said.

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